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Cubestream™ Film Festival

First Annual Cubestream Film Festival & Awards

Check it out, people! The Cubestream Film Festival™! It's gonna be wild, like a party on a roller coaster! Hold on tight 'cause this competition is gonna sizzle like a chili pepper in a sauna! Now, here's the deal. If you were one of the lucky ones to be in that beta crew, you have FREE access to the festival, baby! Hang on a sec! We ain't got a date set in stone for the festival just yet, but chill out, folks! The important thing is, if you've uploaded your film during the beta phase, you're automatically in! No questions asked! Your film's in the festival, no strings attached! So, don't be trippin' if you don't know the dates yet, 'cause we got your back! This festival's gonna be a blast, and we want you to be part of it! Keep your eyes peeled for those dates, and in the meantime, let's get ready to bring the heat with the best films on the planet! Right below, we've got the categories lined up for you! It's like a buffet of awesomeness!

Fiction Feature Films

Any fiction films from any country, 50 minutes or more, any genre, and hey, don't forget we like that "mockumentary" style, too! Now, listen up, for it to be a Fiction Feature Film, it's gotta be some scripted or improv fiction, ya dig? No need to worry 'bout premieres or screenings, it ain't gonna affect your eligibility at the Cubestream Film Festival™. Screened, streamed, released anywhere, you're still in the game, man! Get those films rollin' and let's make this fest unforgettable!

Documentary Feature Films

Nonfiction films from every corner of this crazy world, 50 minutes or more, but listen up, no entirely scripted or made-up events, alright? Keep it real, folks! Now, don't you worry if your documentary's got a bit of dramatization in there. You can still submit it in this category, but, hey, we'll be the ultimate judges of which program it fits best, alright? Now, Documentary Feature Films ain't got no premiere worries or screening restrictions at the Cubestream Film Festival™, man! You can show it, stream it, release it anywhere, it don't matter! You're still eligible for this wild ride, baby! So let's make those documentaries shine and give 'em a rockin' time at the festival!

Short Films

Here we go! Short Films, baby! Fiction or nonfiction, scripted or not, any genre! But hold on to your hats, 'cause there's a catch! Gotta be less than 50 minutes, including credits, alright? Short and snappy, just the way we like it! Now, here's the beauty of it, my friends. Short Films ain't got no premiere restrictions, no screening worries at this epic Cubestream Film Festival™! Show it, stream it, release it, wherever you want! It don't matter, you're still in the running for this cinematic extravaganza! So, let's give those short films the spotlight they deserve and make 'em shine like the stars they are! Get ready for an unforgettable fest, my darlings! Lights, camera, short film action!

Episodic Content

Let's roll! Series time, baby! Fiction or nonfiction, scripted or not, any genre, comin' at ya from all over this wild, wild world! And get this, we're talkin' multi-episode format, yeah! Now, here's the deal, my talented applicants. You can submit single or multiple episodes of your awesome project, but listen up, they gotta play in one single video file, not exceedin' that 10GB limit, alright? We're open to both short-form and long-form content, no worries! Oh, but wait, there's more! You can show us episodes that have been screened elsewhere or streamed on another platform, but here's the kicker, my friends. You gotta submit the subsequent episodes that haven't been screened or released yet! For example, if your pilot's been out there, you can still submit it, but you gotta have some other secret gems for us that haven't seen the light of day, got it? So there you have it, my talented creators! Bring on those series, and let's make this fest a binge-worthy extravaganza! The stage is yours, my darlings! Lights, camera, series magic!


Y'all jumped in early, and for that, we're giving you the royal treatment - no fees, baby! We're gonna make this film festival one hell of a ride together! Cheers to you, my dear mates!


Upon uploading your film to our platform, for this festival or any other reason, you agree that we'll stick it on our website, right then and there. And, oh, by the way, that uploaded film gives us the green light to use your data for platform and Cubestream™ Awards promotions, for eternity. Now, let's not forget, dear filmmaker or institution, you must be the rightful owner of the rights, solely responsible for the provided content. Quite the responsibility, wouldn't you say? And fear not, for your voluntary submission shall respect all copyrights and intellectual property. We'll create a proper page, no infringement, you see. And, oh yes, if ever you wish to remove that film link, a simple request shall do the trick. Quite straightforward indeed.

Festival Committee

Festival Committee's decisions? Final. They're as unchangeable as a bad haircut. No begging or bargaining via letters, emails, or carrier pigeons will sway us. We might just not give out any prizes - our choice, our party. Our Festival Director's word is law, kind of like a film-themed, benevolent dictator.


Okay, let's be clear. Entering the Cubestream™ Film Festival means you've read and digested the rulebook. You're swearing on your favorite director's lens cap that you own the rights to your film and can share it with the world. You're also handing us the keys to display your cinematic masterpiece on our site, Cubestream™.COM, or any Cubestream™-related venue, even the moon if we decide to project it there. Submitting implies you're wearing your big director pants and will handle all legal bits if things go sideways. You're also giving us the green light to use any parts of your submission to boost our own publicity - think of it as free marketing for you. And if any lawsuit ideas are floating in your head about copyright, trademark, credits, or damage to your film - forget about it.


Filmmakers can use Cubestream™ laurels on their winning/nominated/selected films ONLY. They can be used on posters as well as on other media available. Laurels will be made available to winners of the awards within 10 days of the ceremony.

The Cubestream™ Film Festival are for everyone of every creed, nationality, religion, or region. Everyone is eligible to compete.

The Cubestream™ Film Festival dates will be announced toward the end of beta stage testing of the Cubestream™ Platform.